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Puppy training

Private and customized puppy training

A good start is the key for success

Are you soon welcoming a young puppy into your home? Or has he just arrived? Do you want to do everything right but still have questions and doubts?

As a proud owner of a new puppy, you know that the first few months of his life are crucial for the development of good habits and behaviour. It is therefore important to educate and train your puppy from the beginning, so that he can grow up to be a happy and healthy adult dog.

Individual custom puppy training helps you with the education and training of your puppy. From housetraining to obedience exercises, Kat’n Dogs offers everything you need to successfully guide your puppy. So that you can lead a long and happy life together.

    Individuele puppytraining op maat

    Which individual puppy training suits your dog the best?

    Kat’n Dogs offers 4 different custom puppy trainings:

    Puppy Prep

    Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your puppy? Do you still have questions and doubts about the practical aspects? Puppy Prep is specially made for you!

    Puppy 1

    Has your puppy already arrived and do you want guidance during the first weeks? Do you want to start with the education and training as soon as possible? You’re absolutely right because an early start is the best. This is absolutely the best choice to ensure a solid foundation. If your puppy is between 8 and 14 weeks old, then Puppy 1 is for you!

    Puppy 2

    Meanwhile, your puppy has been at home for a few weeks and is fully integrated. Now you can continue to build on that good training and education during the sessions of Puppy 2!

    Puppy Intense

    You have a puppy at home but you are professionally very busy? Do you lack time to give him the important foundation of a solid education and training yourself? Don’t panic, Kat’n Dogs takes over! Sign up quickly for Puppy Intense so that your puppy doesn’t miss his perfect start.

    Choose the puppy training you need!

    Voorbereiding van komst puppy

    Puppy Prep

    Before he arrives

    Engelse Cocker puppytraining op maat

    Puppy 1

    From 8 till +/-14 weeks

    Individuele puppytraining

    Puppy 2

    From +/- 14 weeks

    Puppy Intens

    Puppy Intense

    If you’re too busy now

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