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Custom dog and puppy training

Who is behind Kat’n Dogs?


I am Katrien and I’m lucky to have two furry companions in my life – an English Cocker Spaniel and a Hungarian Vizsla. Despite being of different breeds and having distinct personalities, they both bring immense joy and love to my life.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a spunky and independent lady who is always up for an adventure. She has a strong will and is not easily intimidated. On the other hand, the Hungarian Vizsla is a sweet and sensitive boy who can get overwhelmed by his surroundings. He requires more attention and care, but his loyalty and affection are unmatched.

Living with them has taught me the importance of mutual respect and understanding. We have built a harmonious relationship based on trust and clear communication. As a family, we always prioritize their well-being and make sure to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment.

I cannot imagine my life without them. They have brought so much love and laughter into my world, and I am grateful for every moment we spend together.

    customized dog training
    customized dog and puppy training

    How it started

    The experience of volunteering at an animal shelter years ago deeply impacted me. I was shocked to witness how dogs were abandoned for reasons that seemed unwarranted. While I understand that in certain cases rehoming may have been the best option, it became clear that all too often dogs were given up due to a lack of patience, understanding or willingness to work through challenges. It was heartbreaking to see the impact this had on the dogs, who were always the innocent victims of these circumstances.

    Knowledge and comprehension

    It became apparent that there was a need for a deeper comprehension of what dogs are trying to communicate to us. People who own dogs require guidance, interpretation, and coaching. This became my mission: to prevent dogs from being surrendered to animal shelters due to being misunderstood or mistreated. By developing a better understanding of their behaviour, we can avoid bite incidents and unwanted behaviour, which are often the results of miscommunication. A mutual understanding between humans and dogs is crucial for a harmonious coexistence. Hence, I decided to further my education to accomplish this goal.

    The best choice ever

    I have never regretted my career switch. Working with animals, especially with dogs, is simply the best. The satisfaction is immense, and the recognition you receive, from both the dog and the owner, is heartwarming.

    As a dog behaviour specialist, I aim to contribute to a better world for dogs. Although I can’t change the world completely, every grateful owner who thanks me for strengthening the bond with their dog brings us one step closer to that better world.

    Customized dog and puppy training
    customized dog and puppy training

    My Approach

    My work is grounded in both experience and scientific research. As a specialist in dog behaviour, I help people understand their furry companions better and provide them with training techniques that are backed by science. By using positive behaviour therapy, I can achieve the desired results while making the experience enjoyable for both you and your dog.

    Learning how to observe

    Observation is key to understanding your dog’s behaviour and I can teach you how to do just that. I’ll help you decipher what your dog is trying to tell you, identify what he needs, recognize what he is afraid of and know when he requires your support.

    I’ll also teach you how to communicate optimally with your dog by understanding his body language. This way, you can make your message clear to your dog and create a predictable world for him.

    Building a Strong Bond

    I don’t believe in simply teaching basic commands. I want to help you build a unique and valuable lifelong friendship with your dog. As a dog behavioural specialist, I’ll assist you with raising and training your dog to help create that bond.

    I believe that my approach is an enriching path to achieving harmonious coexistence with your dog. With my experience, insights, and coaching, I’m confident that you and your furry friend can create a strong bond that lasts a lifetime.

    building a strong bond



    Are you open to a training method that's based on scientific principles?


    Are you willing to make some adjustments to your own habits?


    Do you understand why we rely on commands instead of physical corrections?


    Do you recognize that a dog has its own unique personality and tendencies that influence its behaviour?


    In other words, are you committed to achieving success?

    If your answer is “yes” to these questions…

    Kat’n Dogs is the perfect place for you!

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