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Fear of dogs

Are you afraid of dogs?

If your life is controlled by a fear of dogs

Do you feel uneasy when a dog is nearby? Have you ever been bitten by a dog and now freeze when you see one? Do you feel tense when walking through the park and spot a dog in the distance? Do you cross the street when a dog is approaching you on the sidewalk?

If you’re looking to overcome your fear, Kat’n Dogs is the right place for you!

Kat’n Dogs provides therapy for people with a fear of dogs

Cynophobia, or fear of dogs, is a common anxiety disorder that can range from mild discomfort around dogs to an intense and debilitating fear that affects daily life. Fortunately, there are several types of therapy available to help people overcome their fear of dogs, including cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, hypnotherapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and virtual reality therapy.

Dog body language

But first of all, it’s important to understand canine body language to overcome your fear of dogs. Being able to read dogs and understand what they’re telling us can help reduce tension and make you feel more relaxed. This, in turn, makes dogs feel more comfortable as well. Your behaviour always has an impact on the dog, whether positive or negative.

As a dog behaviour therapist with years of experience training dogs and working with people who have a fear of dogs, I will teach you canine body language and help you overcome your fear. Knowing how to interpret canine body language will help you feel more comfortable in the presence of a dog. When you understand exactly what a dog is communicating, you’ll immediately feel more at ease around them.

How do we work?

We’ll start by teaching you how to read canine body language. You’ll receive a presentation with photos and videos of dogs to help you recognize and interpret their behaviour. We’ll work on interpreting situations where dogs interact with each other and with people, and I’ll guide you in reading and understanding dogs.

If you have a dog, it’s great because you can practice reading and recognizing their body language daily. If you don’t have a dog, we’ll work together with dogs that I find suitable and that can help you overcome your fear. We’ll take it step by step at your own pace.

Techniques that provide immediate results

I’ll teach you techniques to use when faced with a strange dog, such as a dog suddenly barking in front of you during a forest walk. I’ll show you how to calm the dog and prevent the situation from escalating.

Imagine being free of your fear and enjoying a relaxed forest walk without your brain going into alarm mode when you spot a dog in the distance. Seeking help for cynophobia is important, and therapy can be an effective way to overcome fear and improve daily life.

Do not wait any longer and start today!

If you’re struggling with a fear of dogs, know that you don’t have to face it alone.

As a certified dog behaviour therapist and trainer, I’m equipped to help you overcome your fear and build a positive relationship with dogs, whether it’s with your own pet or someone else’s furry friend.

Reach out to me today for personalized support and guidance.

Therapy costs € 65/hour

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