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The key

to a happy and healthy relationship

with your dog

Looking for a dog to be proud of?

Kat’n Dogs offers private puppytraining and behavioural therapy

From problem behaviour

to the perfect dog that you can take anywhere

A better understanding of dog language

to prevent problem behaviour

Building a strong bond

for a happy life together

Private dog training

I wish I had a dog that listens and obeys…”

You recently got a puppy and you want to train him properly from the beginning.

However, it’s not as easy as you thought.

And you have many doubts and questions.

You have an older dog and it seems like sometimes you don’t understand each other.

He displays unwanted behaviour.

And you’re not sure how to address it.

Kat’n Dogs can help you!

As a dog behaviour therapist, I will teach you training techniques which are immediately applicable and successfull.

With my guidance, you will gain a better understanding of dog language and the emotions that cause your dog’s behaviour.

I will also teach you how to redirect unwanted behaviour into desired behaviour.

I will coach you and your dog to build a harmonious and loving friendship based on mutual understanding and respect.

“Yes, this is what I need!”

Private puppy training

Puppy training

Behavioural therapy

Behavioural therapy

The best way to a great bond with your dog


Every healthy relationship starts with mutual understanding and trust, and that’s no different with a dog. Often, unwanted or disruptive behaviour is caused by a lack of understanding between owner and dog, so it works both ways.

I use my knowledge, experience, and techniques so that you and your dog can build a beautiful, harmonious friendship. I will teach you how to communicate optimally with your dog so that you understand him better and he understands you.

Isn’t that beautiful?


Katrien Verellen dog behaviourist

…Katrien’s approach was fantastic. Working on a weekly basis, she developed Tasko (Weimaraner) into an obedient puppy and adolescent without pressure… Thanks to her approach, which respected his personality, Tasko became a lovely and obedient companion.”

Erik en Tasko

Thanks to you, I have come to know and understand Pinot better… The walks have also become much more enjoyable, as he can now pass a male dog without growling or attacking. He really makes me happy! I am proud of him. Thank you a thousand times!” (Karla and Pinot)

Karla en Pinot

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