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Puppy 2

Puppy training…part 2!

You were already off to a good start… now keep it up!

Your puppy has been at home for a few weeks now and has already fully adjusted. He feels comfortable and at ease and is exploring more of the amazing world every day. He’s now ready for the next stage, puppy training part 2,  and after successfully making it through the first few weeks, you’re both prepared to start the Puppy 2 training together!

For whom?

For puppies from +/- 14 weeks old

What do we do?

We build on what your puppy learned in Puppy 1:

We deepen the basic commands and practice them in different places (busy shopping streets, markets, playgrounds, forests, off-leash areas, etc.)

Your puppy continues to work on a reliable recall, because being able to walk off-leash and come back when called is every dog owner’s dream!

We also train self-control and restraint (ignoring cars, bikes, joggers, etc.)

Meanwhile, your puppy learns how to walk on a loose leash (i.e. not pulling ;-))”

    Leash training

    You learn techniques

    that give you the best results

    You develop a better understanding of your own behaviour

    and its impact on that of your dog

    You learn how to become the best guide

    your dog needs

    Engelse Cocker ligt op terras van restaurant te wachten


    If your puppy didn’t participate in Puppy 1 but would like to join at approximately 14 weeks of age, he is welcome to join Puppy 2.

    Private, customized training has the advantage of being specifically designed to meet your puppy’s individual needs and level of knowledge.

    We believe that every puppy deserves the highest quality of guidance and care possible!

    The Puppy 2 – training consists of 5 sessions of 1 hour each and costs € 295

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